We Can’t Give Up

2020 | Week of December 14 | Radio Transcript #1390

At a time of the year when people are generally happier and smiling more often than normal, many are not experiencing that this Christmas season. We’ve struggled for ten months with the virus and related restrictions and guidelines, including how we do church. We can’t see people’s smiling faces very often because they are hidden behind masks or in-person gatherings are cancelled.

The Black Lives Matter movement sparked riots that destroyed private and public property and hurt and even killed people in our major cities. I suspect many are like me and often feel as if we are sitting on a keg of dynamite that could explode just about anywhere with little provocation.

Then Election 2020 and the alleged massive fraud became the next crisis. The president and his allies have filed dozens of lawsuits here and in other states where the margin of victory in the election was narrow. In most of those lawsuits, the president and his allies have been shot down, typically not on the actual merits of the case or the evidence presented, but rather on procedural matters such as standing, jurisdiction, or timing.

In the last week or so the Wisconsin Supreme Court has rejected the Trump election-related lawsuits three times, and in all three instances, supposed conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn has joined with the liberal justices to create a majority.

Often state legislators and high-ranking officials seem unwilling to do anything more than hold a hearing on the allegations but are loath to take really bold action.

For many who love this country and our state, the totality of what has happened and is happening is disheartening. Even a cursory perusal of postings on social media or public responses on news articles shows people losing hope. And frankly, it’s understandable given all that has happened and the sense of powerlessness that court cases bring.  When I say that, by the way, I am not discounting the public rallies and other grassroots efforts that get media attention. I do believe judges and justices don’t completely shield themselves from everything happening in the country and the culture.

But hopelessness is not the right response right now. That said, Michael Farris, head of Alliance Defending Freedom, shared some thoughts after the US Supreme Court denied the Texas election-related lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  On his personal Facebook page, Mr. Farris encouraged Christians to not give up.

Attorney Farris writes, in part, “First, I have not lost hope in America. Our Constitution is still the best framework for government ever conceived. It requires us to be vigilant and active.

“The plain fact is that the left used tactics that we let go unchallenged until it was too late….Our people have to be willing to invest and fight back. We cannot win with Facebook outrage. We must outwork them, out give them, and out lawyer them earlier and more aggressively.

“America is made up of its people. But it is governed by those who are active. If people who believe in the Constitution take appropriate and timely action and are willing to sacrifice the way the left does, then America is not lost.  It is only lost when we give up.

“Second, please do not read too much into this decision about the Supreme Court. There are good and admirable people on the Court.

“I genuinely think that Texas had standing….But it was a case of first impression. There was no binding precedent one way or the other. Supreme Court justices do not owe loyalty to any elected official—only to the Constitution.  Watch what happens on religious freedom, right to life, and many other issues before giving up on the Court.

“Third, I have not lost hope in our God.  The Bible is very clear. The fate of a nation depends on the faithfulness of His people to Him—not the faithlessness of non-believers. It is God’s people who need to read Isaiah 1:10-20 and see that when we don’t have clean hands that God will judge our nation. We have clearly failed to teach succeeding generations the whole counsel of God’s Word as is evidenced by the generational divide on many issues…. Isaiah 1 promises national revival when God’s people get right with Him….

“America is lost when we give up. We cannot turn to violence. We cannot give up on the Constitution. We cannot give up our rights and go silent in the courts. We cannot give up on elections—we just need to outwork the left not just in voting but in bringing back election integrity.  We cannot give up on America. We cannot give up on God.  We must respond with dignity, unflinching resolve, and a deep abiding faith.”

Well said, Mr. Farris.  Thank you for the reminder. I needed that, and I’m sure many others did as well.Top of Form

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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