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While we are working toward the day every legislator knows and feels confident confiding in at least one Bible-believing pastor we realize, as a pastor, you already do a lot. If you want to influence the laws of our state but feel maxed out, we’re bridging the gap. The CAN Newsletter will educate you on legislation, encourage you in your faith and share practical tools for helping your congregation engage in the culture for God’s glory. 

Exuding Grace
Last Wednesday, some Republicans in the State Legislature introduced a bill to bring abortion back to Wisconsin. While driving to the Capitol, I was surprised with a phone call from a legislator’s office asking if we wanted to cancel our meeting due to the legislator’s presence at the press conference for the bill.
Is God Negative?
Have you ever heard someone say: “Christians are better known for what they are against than for what they are for”? Is that accurate? Fair? And is it a legitimate cause for concern? Do you think the average unbeliever views God as negative? A Cosmic taskmaster who enjoys making our lives miserable? How are Christians viewed and how is our message of the gospel viewed? We definitely think this is worth reflecting on. It certainly is possible for a ministry to get out of balance and focus on everything that is wrong with the world when there is—in fact—so much wrong with the world.
Owning Wisconsin for God's Glory
Last year we visited 28 communities encouraging Christians to own their backyard for God’s Glory. As Christians we are obligated to impact our community and state for God’s glory. Theologian and Prime Minister of the Netherlands Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920), once said, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”
Most Important Election of Our Lifetime
Doesn’t it feel as if every election as we move forward has more importance? When I hear the statement, “this is the most important election of our lifetime,” I’m reminded of NFL quarterback Tom Brady. In 2005, when asked about his favorite Superbowl ring, he replied, “You wanna know which ring is my favorite? The next one.” Unfortunately, the stakes in elections are getting higher and higher with each "next one."
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day on behalf of Wisconsin Family Council! Last week we celebrated National Marriage Week. This is my (Daniel) second year of marriage. Dave has a few more years on me with 46 years of marriage.
Practical, Helpful, and Free Resources for You
We have had some wonderful ministry opportunities with pastors at the Capitol last and in the early days of this month. We think it is safe to say that every pastor who has joined us for this outreach ministry has been blessed, encouraged, and excited about the opportunity. Call me (Dave) or Dan if you would like to get scheduled for a date to join us in this ministry. (Pictured below left to right are WFC CAN Church Ambassador Dave Lingle, Pastor Scott Kaczorowski from River Cities Christian Church, Assembly Representative Scott Krug from WI Rapids, and WFC CAN Director Daniel Degner.)
Ministry Update
We've been telling you about our big Church Ambassador Network (CAN) push at the Capitol this January. We are excited to share with you some of the ways we’ve partnered with pastors like you to advance the gospel at the Capitol this month.
An Unexpected Opportunity
The week before last as Dan and I were with pastors at the Capitol, my (Dave’s) state representative, Will Penterman, came up to me outside the North Hearing Room and asked if I could come visit him in his office. Dan and I looked at each other both thinking the same thing: “What was this about?” I said sure, and left what we were doing. Once in his office, my representative asked if I would open the state assembly in prayer the following Thursday. I didn’t see that coming. It was an unexpected opportunity.
Sanctity of Life Sunday
January 22 is Sanctity of Life Sunday. Churches around our state and nation will celebrate the 48th Sanctity of Life Day. This Sunday is the first Sanctity of Life Day that we can celebrate with NO abortion in Wisconsin! Praise God that there are no abortion clinics open in Wisconsin!
Please Come and See What They Saw
Last week was a great week for ministry in the State Capitol. We, along with several pastors, were blessed to meet many staffers and many legislators, and to pray with and for them as well. As the pastors who were with us can testify, this outreach is non-partisan and non-political. It is gospel-focused.
A New Legislative Session; New Opportunities
Today is inauguration day at the Wisconsin State Capitol! On November 8, 2022, Wisconsinites voted for the 106th Wisconsin Legislature and the State’s Executive Branch. All those elected in November start their tenure serving Wisconsin today. This legislature starting today will be in place until January 2025.
Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It...
Years ago—well, now it would be decades ago—one of my (Dave writing here) favorite tv shows was "Mission Impossible." If you are old enough to have watched it back then, you might remember the basic plot. The leader of a clandestine black ops group would receive a tape recording detailing a mission, that, at least theoretically, they could decline (they never did of course). Near the end of the recording, that self-destructed when it finished playing, was a statement like this: “Your mission, should you decide to accept it…”
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas! We pray that you and your family will have a blessed Christmas this Sunday. We pray that this Christmas weekend, God would use your church to reach those in your community for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Relationship-- Why It Matters
As we seek to have a gospel ministry to the elected officials serving in our Capitol, one of our core values is that we seek to develop redemptive relationships. In relationship, individuals share their lives with one another. Relationship opens the door of opportunity for sharing gospel truth. It is true that we cannot force relationships, and it is also true that relationships only develop as we intentionally make an effort to invest the time. “It is the heart of the Church Ambassador Network to move beyond the surface level and to engage in deeper Christ-centered relationships that lead to changed lives.”
I’m excited to announce that we are giving away 100 copies of Dr. Tony Evans' book Kingdom Politics! This has been one of the best resources we have found to highlight the aim of the Church Ambassador Network in making a Kingdom impact in government. If you want a free copy, please let me know.
One of our core guiding principles for the work of Wisconsin Family Council’s Church Ambassador Network is that we be grace-driven. God’s grace through Jesus Christ changes everything and is the basis and power of our personal lives and ministry. In a place where political battles make grace all the rarer, we aim to be motivated by grace and to joyfully give grace away to one another.
Thankful for Christ
Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. For my family, it’s a time when we look back and are thankful to God for the gifts He has given us. At Thanksgiving, we can reflect on what is most important in life.
What Will You Do Now?
The election has come and gone. Thank you for whatever you did and for all that you did to encourage your people to be good stewards of their citizenship by voting.
Election Day 2022
Honor God Initiative - Pastor, thank you for encouraging your church family to honor God with their vote. This year we contacted every evangelical church we’re aware of in Wisconsin--1900 of them--to offer Christ-centered, non-partisan resources through our Honor God Election Toolkit. We are grateful for the response and truly hope the resources were helpful to you and those to whom you minister.
Last Call!!!
In ministry, it can be easy to question how much influence we have over those that we lead. I want to encourage you that as a pastor you have incredible influence over your congregation. In my local church if my pastor encourages me to do something, I do it. It doesn’t even have to be a sermon but can be through an announcement or a prayer. With the election next week, you have a great opportunity to encourage your congregation to honor God with their vote.
Webinar with Dr. Wayne Grudem on Wednesday, October 26
On Wednesday, October 26th, we will host one of our WFC "Lunch with a Purpose" webinars. This webinar will feature Dr. Wayne Grudem, well-known author and speaker. We have invited him to address the issue of Politics According to the Bible, which is also the title of one of his books.
Lighting Our Torch
The culture around us tells those in our churches to use and light their own “torch” by deciding what’s right for them. Some ways this occurs is through the promotion and use of pornography, sexual promiscuity, promotion of using one's chosen personal pronouns, abortion, etc.
Is Jesus Political?
OK, I (Dave) confess, the subject line was intended to get your attention. Did it? How would you answer that question? I answer it NO. And Yes. He isn’t political in the sense of advocating for a particular party or political policy. But He was political in some of the issues He addressed. He made it clear that paying taxes was appropriate. He was clear that governmental authority comes from God. He gave us an example of praying for God’s Kingdom to come, elevating it over any earthly king or kingdom. He even called Herod a fox! I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
Election Resources for Your Church
At Wisconsin Family Council we have been working on a variety of resources that your church can use for the election this November. This week is the perfect time for you to look over our resources to see what would best serve your church.

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