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Spring Primary Election | February 20, 2024

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Why is it Important to Vote?

The governance of our country, state, and communities is regulated by elected officials. We significantly influence how our land is governed with our vote; therefore, it is imperative that we vote wisely, seeking to honor God to the best of our ability. Here are topics to consider and look for as you decide how to cast your vote:

Preserve Religious Freedom

Does the candidate or proposed legislation advance and protect our right to worship and publicly express our religious beliefs? There is no freedom of religion when we cannot pray or publicly state our religious beliefs, and when faith symbols are removed from government buildings and public property.

Does the candidate or proposed legislation oppose radical “freedom of choice” and ensure that people of faith are not forced to fund abortions with tax dollars? Respect for all human life is lost when the weak and vulnerable — whether unborn, severely injured or near the end — do not have the right to life.

Does the candidate or proposed legislation champion strengthening the family unit by preserving legal marriage between a man and a woman and preventing taxpayer funding for domestic partner benefits?

Does the candidate or proposed legislation give parents the broadest educational options available? Children’s best decision makers are their parents, and parents should be empowered by government, not restricted.

A Christian’s first duty is to God. It then follows, as a matter of course, that it is his duty to carry his Christian code of morals to the polls and vote them. – Mark Twain

Social Connections

Encourage Others To Vote

  • Lead by example
  • Use social media to remind your friends to vote
  • “Share” our Election Central on your Facebook Page
  • Distribute Voter Guides (hard copies), when available, to interested friends
  • Invite your friends to help us prepare for elections

Should Christians be involved in elections and legislation?

  • Do Christians have a moral or biblical obligation to participate in government?
  • Is there a distinctively Christian way to engage in the political process?
  • Do Christians have a duty to vote, and if so, what principles should inform them while casting their ballots?
  • How should pastors think about politics, and how can they shepherd their congregations well during an election season?
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Church Election Resources

Educational information, links and downloads specifically for churches looking to empower their community. PLUS our brand new Election Kit for FREE! Complete with handouts, direction and a special gift to “Honor God With Your Vote.”

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