Stewarding and Preserving Our Freedoms Starts With Voting

Elected officials govern our land, but we, the citizen, choose who those leaders are with our vote.

How To Vote In Wisconsin

Prepare For Voting

Mark your calendar with the Election Date.

Make Sure you are registered to vote.

Confirm the location of your polling place.

Review voter ID requirements.

Do your research

Review a sample ballot.

Show up at the polls

What If I Can’t Make It To The Polls?

Showing up at the polls is not the only way to vote

Early In Person Voting

According to Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board, each city, village and town in Wisconsin is responsible for setting the dates and hours of in-person absentee voting for their municipality. To find the dates and hours for in-person absentee voting where you live you will have to contact your municipal clerk.

absentee Voting

All voters in Wisconsin can request an absentee ballot be mailed to them for any reason. Voters must be registered before they can request an absentee ballot. Voters may request their absentee ballot in writing.  

Social Connections

Encourage Others To Vote

  • Lead by example
  • Use social media to remind your friends to vote
  • “Share” our Election Central on your Facebook Page
  • Distribute Voter Guides (hard copies), when available, to interested friends
  • Invite your friends to help us prepare for elections

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