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Help your child thrive in both their character and education as they navigate school.

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Join the Movement!

Join thousands of students across the whole country in sharing God’s hope and celebrating religious freedom by doing something simple, yet powerful: Bring your Bibles to school and talk about it with friends!

Student Led Prayer Event

See You at the Pole™ was inspired by the initiative of students in one youth group in Burleson, Texas, early in 1990. The teenagers felt led to go and pray at night at several area schools during a weekend youth group retreat. They had a profound time of prayer, and their experience was shared with thousands of other youth from across Texas in the form of a challenge in June 1990 at a large conference. More than 45,000 students on 1,200 campuses in Texas and three other states were documented at the first See You at the Pole™ in September of that year. The movement continued to grow nationally and internationally from 1991 on.

School choice programs

Wisconsin offers a wealth of school choice options for families. Each Wisconsin student is assigned a district based on their home address and the large majority of families elect to send their children to that school. For more information on any of other options available, please click the links below:

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