Download Our 2023-2024 Legislative Directory

The Legislative Directory contains comprehensive contact information for your Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly legislators and more. This directory provides a listing of Senators’ and Representatives websites, email addresses, office and staff directories.

Wisconsin Family Council is pleased to make this 2023-2024 Legislative Directory available. We trust you find the information in this publication helpful as you participate in our great representative form of government.

Your Voice Carries Weight

Contacting your elected officials and communicating your opinion on legislation can powerfully influence laws in our state — but only if you actually reach out!

Contact Officials

Best practices for contacting your representatives:

  • Be sure to include your name and contact information within your correspondence.
  • Keep your correspondence brief, to the point, and professional.
  • If you are contacting the official about a current issue in our state legislature, include any reference numbers or identifiers within your correspondence.
  • Attach proper postage if mailing your correspondence.

Please Consider Contacting Your Legislator concerning issues important to you

Though our team at Wisconsin Family Council works to represent your family values, nothing makes a better impact than when YOU voice your family values.

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