Church Ambassador Network

Helping pastors build real and redemptive relationships with elected officials.

Church Ambassador Network

Can you imagine what might happen if today’s elected officials had a spiritual confidant like King Nebuchadnezzar had in Daniel? 

When pastors approach the capitol as a mission field, culture is transformed for God’s glory.

We are intentionally working toward the day every legislator in Wisconsin knows at least one Bible-believing pastor he or she feels comfortable turning to for input and prayer. God never merges church and government, but throughout history He has these two distinct spheres of influence work together. 

We provide three specific resources to help pastors engage with their elected officials and encourage their congregation to do the same: 


C.A.N. (Church Ambassador Network) Newsletter

Every week we send an email of spiritual encouragement and legislative updates geared towards pastors. Download our most recent newsletter here.

The Daniel Impact

Join Dan and Dave as they meet with Wisconsin’s elected officials at the capitol and via zoom to develop redemptive relationships and pray together. 



The Church Connection

Are you looking for a way to better inform your church about issues like marriage, family, life and religious liberty? You can do this by sharing the monthly Church Connection bulletin with your church. It includes a biblical worldview summary of current events and praying points that equip your congregation to understand issues in our culture and government. 

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