We’re Still Here…

We’re Still Here…

Wisconsin Family Council is excited to invite you to “We’re STILL Here…For Such a Time as This,” an informative session on some of the major issues facing our nation and our state with effective ideas on how to make a difference right at home.

In 2020, our community events’ presentation was entitled, “We’re Here…For Such a Time as This.” In recent days, I’ve been deeply impressed that this incredible truth is worthy of another go. We are all here…right now…for a reason. We aren’t just beating in time; we aren’t here by accident. It’s time that we all carefully consider—with urgency—what we can do to make a positive difference in our communities, state, and nation.

The liberal agenda continues to chip away at everything we value – especially our kids. Trends such as boys competing in girls’ sports, the encouragement of gender dysphoria, the grooming of our children, transgender reading time with kindergartners and so on, start as a grassroots movement at a very local level—school board, city, county—in states like California. But they do not stay in California!

Just like that, these become national trends, and now our own Governor is promoting their agenda.
We’ll discuss what’s at stake, share effective talking points, and chart a course for positive change.

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