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Proclaiming the Sanctity of Human Life
2022 | Week of January 10 | Radio Transcript #1446 On January 13, 1984, then President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation for the first National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.
A Rare Supreme Court Session
2022 | Week of January 3 | Radio Transcript #1445 Emergency US Supreme Court sessions are rare. So, when the current high court announced the week of Christmas it was
Resolved: Make Your Family Great
2021 | Week of December 27 | Radio Transcript #1444 Family is not just the middle word in our organizational name. It’s the heart of our ministry. We take very
On Purpose & With a Purpose
2021 | Week of December 20 | Radio Transcript #1443 Among the myriad of excellent Christmas presentations I’ve attended over the years, one phrase in one program has especially lingered
Dads & Daughters
2021 | Week of December 13 | Radio Transcript #1442 Dads and daughters. What a special relationship when done well. Many today are trying to say dads are not essential
Sports Betting Comes to Wisconsin
2021 | Week of December 6 | Radio Transcript #1441 Last week Wisconsin made history—and it wasn’t good history. Thanks to Governor Evers, sports betting is now legal in The
Supreme Court, Supreme Law, Supreme Issue
2021 | Week of November 29 | Radio Transcript #1440 The Supreme Court of the United States is poised to once again hear arguments for and against life. It happens
A Heritage of Liberty & Thanksgiving
2021 | Week of November 22 | Radio Transcript #1439 Have you ever considered that as Americans we have an eloquent heritage of thanksgiving? If not, then consider these eloquent
How Big the 'Big Tent'?
2021 | Week of November 15 | Radio Transcript #1438 For years, some in the Republican party leadership have been talking about expanding “the tent.” They want a “big tent”—a
Them Before Us: It's Time
2021 | Week of November 8 | Radio Transcript #1437 Them Before Us. The title caught my attention. Exactly who is “them” and exactly who is “us”? Curiosity won, and
Forever Families; Forever Grateful
2021 | Week of November 1 | Radio Transcript #1436 Visiting the nursery when she was in the hospital was routine for Mary.  Never able to have children of her
Social Media Addiction: What's a Parent To Do?
2021 | Week of October 25 | Radio Transcript #1435 Addiction is powerful—especially for young people. An addiction can mean a life of unusual struggle and hardship on many levels.
Wearing Pink Doesn't Help the Link
2021 | Week of October 18 | Radio Transcript #1434 I went to a public high school football game this past Friday. What caught my attention wasn’t the game itself
Making Communities Great
2021 | Week of October 11 | Radio Transcript #1433 What does it take to make a community great? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves as we plan and
Who's the Primary Stakeholder?
2021 | Week of October 4 | Radio Transcript #1432 This just might be the modern-day equivalent of the “shot heard ‘round the world.” “I’m not going to let parents
Codifying Abortion
2021 | Week of September 27 | Radio Transcript #1431 Hammurabi. I hadn’t thought of this ancient Mesopotamian Babylonian King in a long time. I always enjoyed teaching about him
Bumper Stickers, Vanity Plates, Hearings & Worldview
2021 | Week of September 20 | Radio Transcript #1430 When it comes to bumper stickers and vanity plates, Madison rarely disappoints. Take for instance the car I saw when
Are We Doomed?
2021 | Week of September 14 | Radio Transcript #1429 “A nation that forgets its past has no future,” once said the esteemed British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Others
Good News Is on the Road!
2021 | Week of September 6 | Radio Transcript #1428 In a day when the news is often bad, frightening, maddening, disappointing and more, I offer some good news. Last
Digital Devices: Controlling or Controlled?
2021 | Week of August 30 | Radio Transcript #1427 Report after report says anxiety and stress, including depression, are becoming major problems for Americans, especially younger Americans. I was
Parents: Guardians of Their Communities
2021 | Week of August 23 | Radio Transcript #1426 I well remember the years in the early 2000s when I served two terms on the Watertown Unified School District
Where (or Why) Have All the Children Gone?
2021 | Week of August 16 | Radio Transcript #1425 I haven’t seen it in a headline yet, but it should be a headline—maybe even THE headline about Wisconsin’s census
Lifesaving or Life-taking: Worldview Matters
2021 | Week of August 9 | Radio Transcript #1424 The headline is horrific: “University may be subject of investigation after it’s caught using body parts of babies born alive.”
Marriage & Parenting: It's Not About Your Happiness
2021 | Week of August 2 | Radio Transcript #1423 (re-aired from week of Sept. 23, 2019) “Daddy is leaving. In order for daddy to be a good daddy, he
The Case To Overturn Roe?
2021 | Week of July 26 | Radio Transcript #1422 In May the US Supreme Court agreed to take up a case that some maintain could overturn the infamous 1973
What's Wrong with Equality?
2021 | Week of July 19 | Radio Transcript #1421 (re-aired from week of February 15, 2021) The Equality Act. What could possibly be wrong with a law that is
Selling Out WI Citizens on a Bad Bet
2021 | Week of July 12 | Radio Transcript #1420 Earlier this month Governor Tony Evers and the Oneida tribal officials signed an agreement authorizing for the first time in
Lies Ensnare; Truth Frees
2021 | Week of July 5 | Radio Transcript #1419 (Re-aired from week of Nov. 30, 2020) In general human beings don’t like being lied to. But because unregenerate, unsaved
When Autonomy Meets Reality
2021 | Week of June 28 | Radio Transcript #1418 Reality declares that the opening statement of the inerrant, unchanging, eternal Word of God is “In the beginning God…” It’s
Fighting CRT: The Tin Man, Scarecrow & Lion
2021 | Week of June 21 | Radio Transcript #1417 In the book and film, The Wizard of Oz, we meet a tin man without a heart, a scarecrow without
Fatherhood & the Heart of God
2021 | Week of June 14 | Radio Transcript #1416 Fatherhood. It’s a concept we don’t hear about all that frequently, at least positively, in our society. And yet it
Knowledge Can Be Powerful
2021 | Week of June 7 | Radio Transcript #1415 This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack
Vaccinations, Constitutions, Rule of Law
2021 | Week of May 31 | Radio Transcript #1414 How do six bills dealing exclusively with the COVID-19 vaccination issue land in a state legislative committee on the Constitution
Saving a Daughter
2021 | Week of May 24 | Radio Transcript #1413 The following story isn’t about us. It’s really about how God used us to help parents and their daughter. A
Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves
2021 | Week of May 17 | Radio Transcript #1412 It is time to roll up our sleeves! I’ve been saying that all across the state since February. It’s way
Critical Race Theory & A Point of Action
2021 | Week of May 10 | Radio Transcript #1411 Critical race theory. That phrase is being bandied about across the country. While the phrase is new, the ideas behind
Honorable Motherhood
2021 | Week of May 3 | Radio Transcript #1410 The late Phyllis Schlafly was one of my heroes. This diminutive in stature but giant in character woman fought battle
National Day of Prayer - May God Shed His Grace on America
2021 | Week of April 26 | Radio Transcript #1409 For biblical Christians, what is more powerful than prayer lifted up to the Creator God?  What is more necessary than
Organized, Motivated, Mobilized
2021 | Week of April 19 | Radio Transcript #1408 Oh, the difference some organization, motivation and mobilization can make! For at least the last decade in our state, liberal
A Tale of Three Governors
2021 | Week of April 12 | Radio Transcript #1407 Charles Dickens wrote a timeless work entitled A Tale of Two Cities. What follows is most likely not a timeless

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