What’s Wrong with Equality?

What’s Wrong with Equality?

2021 | Week of July 19 | Radio Transcript #1421

(re-aired from week of February 15, 2021)

The Equality Act. What could possibly be wrong with a law that is all about equality? This question demands a response.

We begin with Mary, a single mom, who has hit on hard times. She is now homeless and is looking to the local shelter in her community for a place for her and her young daughter to stay at night.

One evening as she and her daughter are getting settled in the women’s sleeping quarters, Mary sees a man in the room, also obviously settling in for the night. Panic-stricken, Mary hurriedly packs her meager belongings, grabs her daughter, and bolts from the room. Downstairs, the manager asks what is wrong. Mary blurts out, “There’s a man in the room! We’re not safe here,” as she runs out the door into the darkness.

What you don’t know about Mary is she has been in a very bad relationship, a situation where a man cruelly abused her and her daughter.  She believed the homeless shelter with its women’s quarters would be a safe place. What Mary didn’t know is that in the name of equality, the law required that the homeless shelter let men who identified as women sleep in the women’s sleeping area. The choice was allow this or shut down.

As far as I know, that’s a fictious story—right now. But it could be frighteningly real if the Equality Act that Joe Biden has said will be a top priority within the first 100 days of his presidency becomes the law.

How about Selina Soule, a female high school athlete in Connecticut, who was beat out in the State Track Championships by two biological males who had been allowed to compete in the girls’ races? Selina not only lost the race but lost the opportunity to scouted by college coaches and be selected for athletic scholarships.  This is a real story made possible by a distorted view of equality in Connecticut’s public-school policy.  These isolated incidents would become regular happenings if the so-called “Equality Act” passes.

And then there are the faith-based adoption agencies that with this perverted view of equality would be forced to either violate their religious beliefs and place children in a same-sex or even in a transgendered-parent home or stop placing children altogether.

Oh, and parents’ rights? Under the Equality Act, parents nationwide could be forced to ensure their gender-confused children get surgeries or cross-gender hormone therapies. Already parents in Ohio lost custody of their teenage daughter because they wouldn’t put her on testosterone supplements.

Simply put, the Equality Act isn’t about equality at all. It’s about pushing a leftist, liberal progressive agenda on everyone and forcing us all to bow the knee to sexual perversion while our constitutionally protected religious freedom is trampled in the rush to normalize deviancy that, in the name of equality, ultimately hurts people and all of society.

Essentially every area of our culture and lives would be, in some way, touched by this draconian law.  What the so-called Equality Act would do is add “gender identity” and “sexual-orientation” as protected classes under federal civil rights law. With this change, much inequality will be foisted on millions of Americans because of what they believe and about marriage and biological sex. The law is written with no religious exemptions, and experts tell us the Religious Freedom Restoration Act won’t provide any protection either.

With the US House being controlled by Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, passing the Equality Act there is a no-brainer. The Senate could be a different situation, where presumably a bill of this nature would require 60 votes to pass. That would mean all 50 Democrats and 10 Republicans would need to vote for it. Sad to say, I can think of at least several Republicans who will jump at the chance to support this measure.

Since Wisconsin’s junior US senator is Tammy Baldwin, a Democrat who is openly gay and a leader of the LGBTQ+ congressional caucus, her support is a given. But what about our senior US senator, Republican Ron Johnson? One would hope he understands this act would turn America upside down, but frankly, I don’t have any firm assurance as to how he will vote on this proposal.

Words have meanings, but today words often have new meanings and in the case of the horribly misnamed Equality Act, equality means something entirely different for those pushing this game-changing, freedom-robbing bill. What could possibly be wrong with a bill that is all about equality? Turns out, a whole lot can be wrong—very wrong, indeed.

For Wisconsin Family Council, this is Julaine Appling reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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