Julaine Appling: Thoughts on SCOTUS Hearings on Marriage

Julaine Appling: Thoughts on SCOTUS Hearings on Marriage

Supreme_Court.svgJulaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council, lends thoughts and insight on the Supreme Court hearings this week on the redefinition of marriage as we know it – between one man and one woman.

“Let’s set the record straight right now. No court can redefine marriage; it predates all human law and all constitutions. Government didn’t create marriage; therefore no government can recreate marriage.

However, on a practical, human level, government and courts can make laws and rulings pertaining to marriage that have the effect of redefining or reconfiguring marriage for citizens.
And that power can have disastrous consequences for a society. That’s precisely because marriage really is what it is: a unique, lifelong, monogamous relationship between one man and one woman with the physical union of that man and woman having life-creating potential. Tinkering with marriage is bound to be disastrous. We’ve seen that with no-fault divorce. It’s been a horrible social experiment with awful fallout–especially to the innocent children affected by the decisions of adults who far too often think that marriage is only about them and their personal happiness.  (Sound familiar?)”

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