Transgender Agenda: Help Is Now Available for Parents & Others

Transgender Agenda: Help Is Now Available for Parents & Others

2019 | Week of October 28 | Radio Transcript #1331

Emily is a mom of seven in Minnesota. She purposely sent all of her children to a classical charter school, known for its values and rigorous academic program, to avoid many of the policies and problems parents are concerned about in public school. Yet, parents who believe their child to be transgender moved into the school, and—with the help of an LGBT-activist organization—pressured the school to adopt “transgender policies.” The school even brought in speakers to advance the transgender agenda, while denying an opportunity for the other side of the debate to be presented fairly. Ultimately, Emily had to find a new school for her children.

Chelsea is the mom of a kindergartner in California. She was shocked when her child’s class was taught about transgenderism through books, as well as a student being “revealed as the opposite sex.” Chelsea was most concerned that parents were never even informed about this topic being introduced in kindergarten class—let alone given a choice about when, or if, such a topic should be introduced to their children.

In Wisconsin, we’ve had our own recent instances of these types of situations.

An elementary-aged girl was so traumatized by having a boy claiming to be a girl in the restroom with her, that her parents had to take her out of the school.

In Madison this past spring, many parents were horrified to find out their elementary-aged children were part of an assembly where a video was shown of a much-beloved male teacher talking to the students in a “Mr. Rodgers-like” style about how he was becoming a woman and that the students should call him “Mx” rather than Mr.

And again, in Madison, the school district has adopted policies that require school employees to keep from parents any information about their child changing gender unless the child gives the school permission. The guidelines indicate school officials are even to lie if necessary about this—and offenders are subject to discipline.

All of these are true stories–and no school district anywhere is immune to this. Sadly, these stories are no longer “fringe cases.” Instead, they are becoming the norm. Parents of children in both public and private schools are facing difficult situations involving the transgender trend. Even parents who choose to homeschool are finding that their children are exposed to the issue in unexpected ways.

Because we hear so many questions from parents about how to respond to all of this and more, we are very pleased to announce the availability of an excellent resource on this issue.  It was done by a unique and unlikely coalition that includes our national ally Family Policy Alliance, a self-described radical feminist group the Women’s Liberation Front, the Heritage Foundation, our sister state organization Minnesota Family Council, and two parent groups who have children or loved ones struggling with gender confusion.

This first-ever Gender Resource Guide for parents on how to navigate the transgender issue with your children will help you as a parent understand the transgender trend and its consequences, understand the implications of transgender activism in schools, communicate with school leaders, advocate for common sense policies, and act with compassion toward everyone involved in the conversation.

The Guide is endorsed by medical professionals—including those who are experts in gender dysphoria—individuals who have lived as the opposite sex and “de-transitioned,” faith leaders, national policy experts, and more.

While this publication is especially good for parents, we urge pastors, community leaders, school board members and others to get and use this valuable resource without delay.

With powerful lobbying groups, teachers’ unions, school boards and school administrators pushing policies that mandate the inclusion of transgender ideology in curriculum, athletics, grammar, and even basic bathroom and locker room privacy, parents and concerned citizens need somewhere to turn.

The Gender Resource Guide can be downloaded for free at or print copies, for a suggested donation, are available by calling 888-378-7395.

This issue isn’t going away; those advancing it are out to persuade young, impressionable children—and they are using every means available to do that—from schools to the media to Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries to entertainment. Ignorance on this matter will come at a very high price.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council, reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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