Women’s Sports: Confusion & Delusion

Women’s Sports: Confusion & Delusion

Biden admin rule could destroy women's sports

2023 | Week of May 15 | Radio Transcript #1516

Once again, the Biden administration is promoting mass delusion at the expense of women’s rights. Males have stolen at least 30 titles from female athletes between 2003 and 2022; and if the Biden administration has its way, many more titles could be stolen in the near future, in addition to scholarships and other opportunities.

Earlier this year Biden officials announced a proposed regulation allowing students to participate in sports teams “consistent with their gender identity.” In other words, boys who “identify” as girls could compete among and against girls in girls’ and women’s sports. Identify means basically saying they are girls; they don’t have to dress like girls or in any other way distinguish themselves as female.

The rule also lowers the age of application to kindergarten, dangerously attempting to normalize the idea that elementary-aged children can fully understand the implications of “identifying” as the opposite sex.

The regulation would override state laws protecting female student athletes from being forced to compete against or share a locker room with men. It would also bar federally-funded schools from implementing a “categorical ban” on boys who “identify” as girls from participating in girls’ sports.

Currently, 21 states have passed legislation to protect women’s sports in recent months, but those new laws would all be nullified with Biden’s new proposal.

While the Biden administration claims it will allow schools some “flexibility,” pro-family advocates believe schools will face federal intervention over poorly-defined offenses. For example, the proposed rule states that schools may only lock men out of the women’s locker rooms if it is “substantially related to the achievement of an important educational objective,” and schools must “minimize harms” to any student excluded from participating in sports with the opposite sex.

Nicole Neily, founder off Parents Defending Education, says, “Without a doubt, institutions are going to err on the side of ‘inclusion,’ because they fear the wrath of the Education Department — thus, achieving the Department’s end goal while allowing them to maintain plausible deniability that they coerced districts into doing so.”

Title IX was initially implemented to protect opportunities that were previously denied to women and girls. However, the Biden administration’s new rule would unravel Title IX. If it takes effect, women’s sports, at least in schools, could be eradicated. As US Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee puts it, “Sports will soon be divided into a team of men and a team of folks who used to be men, while women are sidelined from the opportunity to compete.”

Biological realities tell us that it’s entirely illogical to allow men to compete against women in sports and pretend that the competition is fair. When competing against women, men boast an advantage even greater than if an athlete were taking performance enhancing drugs. Men have 10-30 percent greater muscle strength, greater bone density, better oxygen efficiency, larger heart and lungs, and 10 percent more overall body mass, among other advantages.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Christiana Kiefer says, “The Biden administration’s proposed rules are a slap in the face to female athletes who deserve equal opportunity to compete in their sports.”

Wisconsin legislators last session introduced bills designed to protect women’s and girls’ sports at both the K-12 and collegiate levels. The Assembly passed the bills, but the Senate did not take up either of them. Governor Evers, who has repeatedly voiced his support for the entirety of the LGBTQ+ agenda, and in particular, for the transgender craze, would have undoubtedly vetoed the bill. However, having the discussion in public is important.  In this current session, no bills dealing with this issue have yet been introduced.

The time for public input to the department is over. Now we wait to see whether the officials will actually adopt and enforce the rule. Much is at stake with this issue, including whether we will allow the respect and dignity of female athletes to be violated at the behest of gender-confused men and a delusional administration. But it goes beyond that. Ultimately, this is about denying the Creator God Who created male and female and then pronounced His human creations as “very good.”  We dare not be part of even tacitly condoning that which blasphemes our thrice holy God.

This is Julaine Appling with Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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