Violence over Roe V Wade

Violence over Roe V Wade

Violence over Roe V Wade

The question begs to be asked, “What is the real issue behind all the violence over the possibility that the infamous Roe versus Wade decision might soon be overturned?”  Media headliner Tucker Carlson was right when he recently said this is fundamentally about trying to destroy the influence of Christianity in our culture. Today it’s about abortion. On another day, we can expect similar responses to issues involving marriage, family, human sexuality or religious freedom. They all come down to an utter intolerance of Christianity in our culture.

To advance a liberal agenda, all impediments must be removed. Today, that means Christians and our beliefs must be sidelined, silenced and if necessary destroyed. The real question will we allow the bullying and intimidation to succeed? If we don’t continue to show up, speak up and stand up for what is right and good, we are basically waving the white flag of surrender.

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