State’s Pre-Roe Law on the Ballot

State’s Pre-Roe Law on the Ballot

State’s Pre-Roe Law on the Ballot

Last Thursday the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors considered several politically motivated advisory referenda for the November ballot. One of the proposals was about the state’s pre-Roe law that bans most abortions. The proposal failed, receiving one vote less than the required twelve. Staunch pro-life supervisor Deanna Alexander, elected this spring as a write-in candidate after a term off the board, objected to the question and the wording, saying she didn’t want the county giving the impression that because a law is old it’s bad.

These advisory referenda are all about driving certain people to the polls to try to get certain candidates elected. Fortunately, this abortion-related proposal won’t be used as disingenuous bait. This vote is a great example of the truth that elections have consequences. Deanna Alexander’s no vote definitely made a difference in this proposal failing by just one vote.

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