No Pride in Pride Month

Nothing to be proud about in pride month.

2022 | Week of June 20 | Radio Transcript #1469

As a Christian conservative, I think of June as the month we recognize, celebrate, or commemorate, D-Day, the passing of President Ronald Reagan, Flag Day and Father’s Day. And I can certainly justify adding Juneteenth to the list, commemorating the day slaves in America were emancipated.

But what I refuse to recognize in any way in June is so-called Pride Month. There’s no pride in anything that is celebrated among the LGBTQ+ activists, and thanks to Tony Evers, since 2019 when he took over as governor, we are now apparently proud of “pride month” in our state.

One of the most obvious pro-LGBTQ+ actions the governor has taken is issuing an Executive Order all four years ordering the so-called “Pride Flag” to be flown over the state capitol and also allowing other state government buildings to fly this flag at their discretion.

In 2019, the first year of this audacious, and to many offensive, flag-raising, we initiated a petition drive asking the governor to take the flag down since unlike the American flag, the Wisconsin flag and even the POA-MIA military flag, the Pride flag does not represent all Wisconsin citizens. In two weeks, we garnered over 10,000 signatures. I along with a couple of other staff members took stacks of the petitions in person to the governor’s office in the state capitol. He ignored all of us, of course, and has flown the LGBTQ+ flag each June since then. By the way up until this year, in his Executive Order he referred to the flag as the Rainbow Pride Flag, but this year he’s using the term “Progressive Pride Flag.”

Evers explains the use of  the term “Progressive Pride Flag” in the official proclamation he issued on May 31 of this year, once again declaring June in Wisconsin as LGBTQ Pride Month. The governor says the “progressive pride flag” is flown “in recognition of the importance of keeping diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality at the forefront of LGBTQ equity efforts….” He further elaborates and says the “progressive pride flag” “was created to increase visibility and advocacy for marginalized communities within the LGBTQ community.”

But Evers doesn’t stop with flag-flying or with pride-month proclamations. In June 2021, Evers issued Executive Order #121 which  directed his entire administration to use gender-neutral language in external documents, including but not limited to “using gender-neutral terms and pronouns, drafting to eliminate the need for pronouns, omitting superfluous gendered words, and making any reference to gendered family relations….” So basically what this Gay pride-loving governor has done is to say his administration is to stop acknowledging God’s creative order and His plan for family.

Playing further to the “T” in the LGBTQ+ acronym, the governor has in months other than June officially recognized International Transgender Day of Visibility in March.  Last year, right before the bills that would ban biological males from competing in girls’ or women’s sports at the high-school or collegiate level were scheduled for public hearings, Evers public denounced them, stating publicly he’d veto the bills if they got to his desk, which they did not.

What’s the point in my reporting all this? Two points, actually. One, in promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda, Evers has done nothing illegal. He’s simply proven that elections matter because elections have very real consequences. Who sits in the governor’s office matters, which leads to my second point: Worldview matters and worldviews have consequences. Governor Evers has repeatedly declared his worldview. Every time he promotes the LGBTQ+ agenda, he’s showing us his worldview, and he’s acting consistently with his godless worldview.

I’m hopeful a commentary of this nature helps each of us as we look toward August and November with our fall primary and general elections. What kind of governor do we want? What worldview do we want our governor to have? What kinds of consequences do we want from the elections? Will next June in Wisconsin look the same as the past four Junes in Wisconsin? What flag will fly over the capitol? What proclamations and executive orders will be issued? What agenda will be advanced? What will we take pride in next June?  The answers to those questions will be largely up to “we the people”—the voters of Wisconsin.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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