Madison School Features “Family Friendly” Drag Show

Madison School Features “Family Friendly” Drag Show

Drag shows are inherently not family friendly.

Empower Wisconsin reports that Madison East High School parents recently received an email announcing a so-called “family-friendly” drag show later this month. The taxpayer-funded show, sponsored by the student group Gender and Sexuality Alliance, will be in the high school’s theater the evening of January nineteenth, according to the school’s calendar. The community is invited. Dan Lennington, with Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, says this is “Exhibit A” for expanded school choice.

Bluntly, drag shows are inherently not family-friendly. I wish what happens in Madison stayed in Madison, but it doesn’t. Sadly, this could happen in any of our school districts. I always hope talking about these things will be a wake-up call for parents. The application windows for all of our school choice programs open next month. It’s not too early for parents to check out options.

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