Corporations Lobby for the “Respect for Marriage Act”

Corporations Lobby for the “Respect for Marriage Act”

Over a dozen corporations are lobbying for the act

Lifesite News reports that over a dozen corporations are lobbying the U.S. Senate to pass the so-called Respect for Marriage Act that would enshrine same-sex “marriage” in federal law and open the door to forcing states to recognize polygamy. Some of the corporations have enlisted a Republican-aligned consulting firm to lobby GOP members. Reports indicate a number of GOP senators are sympathetic, saying this is “settled law” and the bill is just agreeing with the US Supreme court decision. The vote will likely happen soon after the November election.

This bill is not a do-nothing bill as supporters keep claiming; it’s dangerous legislation—and adding amendments to supposedly protect religious freedom or address other issues will not make this bad bill acceptable. Citizens still have time to voice their opinion on this proposal to Wisconsin’s senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin.

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