William & Shirley Wilks
William & Shirley Wilks 1956

William & Shirley Wilks

My husband and I first met when my parents moved and rented from Bill’s mother. Our family didn’t have a television so we would often go over to Bill’s to watch TV.

Bill had a cottage on Lauderdale Lake in Whitewater, Wisconsin. and ended up hiring my dad to build cabinets. At first, I never really noticed Bill in that way. But one morning, my dad came into my room and said “young lady I’d appreciate it if you’d get up and I’ll take you out somewhere. I asked, “Where are we going daddy?” And he didn’t really say, but I obeyed, and we ended up going to Bill’s cottage where he told the whole history of the lake as he showed us around. After I got back home something snapped, and I noticed him more.

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