Philip & Gloria Hodgson

Philip & Gloria Hodgson

We, Gloria & Phil, were married January 23, 1960 at Vermont Evangelical Lutheran Church in rural Black Earth, Wisconsin. Weddings then were not the extravagant “have to borrow money to pay for” affairs in those day. My dress was off the rack and cost $49.95. Our reception was held in the church basement with a wedding cake and a groom’s cake for the “meal.” My parents hosted a post-ceremony party for close family — about 20 people — in their home and splurged with one case on beer.

Our honeymoon was a trip to Milwaukee to see the Icecapades. The gentleman in the ticket window told us the event was sold out but when he learned we had just married the day before he magically produced tickets for the front row and wished us a “happy voyage on the sea of matrimony!”

When our first son was born two years later, we made the decision for me (Gloria) to stay home to be a full-time mom. Two more sons followed. Those were very, very lean years. We did simple things that have given all of us lasting, happy memories — tent camping and lots fun time with cousins.

There were a few rocky years after the nest was empty. Suddenly it was just the two of us again and it seemed we didn’t know each other anymore. Something deep inside kept telling us to work it out. That “something,” we learned later, turned out to be the Holy Spirit. About 30 years ago we completely put our lives in God’s hands — best decision ever!

Now we have six beautiful grandchildren and two precious great-grandchildren. God is, indeed, good.

Marriage Advice: God puts two people together – man & woman. God will get you through those tough times. God will provide. It’s the JOY in life that makes it worthwhile.

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