Levi & Patricia Snyder
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Levi & Patricia Snyder

I was living in Prairie du Sac in 1953 and was going to the bowling alley one evening. (I have a communication problem; I too often engage my tongue before my brain is in gear.)

I got to the door of the bowling alley at the same time as a beautiful young lady. I opened the door for her and said, “Age before beauty!!” And she walked in! Wow I sure messed that up! However, she was gracious, and we spent the evening together. When I dropped her off at home, I ask her for a date the next night! She agreed and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow night!” I answered, “You’re lucky!!!”

Oh my, that should do it! She probably won’t come to the door tomorrow night. But she did, and we headed to Madison to a movie. However, we stopped at a little restaurant and diner just across the river in Sauk City. The diner was very small, no booths, and only 5 or 6 stools, but the burgers were great. We both got our food and Pat was having trouble getting the catsup out of the bottle. I said, “Let me help.” I turned the bottle upside down, and hit it on the bottom, and the burger disappeared under a flood of catsup! I thought again, “Oh my, who would want a lippy, clumsy klutz like me?!”

Three months later we were united in marriage in a little Methodist Church in Pat’s hometown of Elroy.

We ended up living in Black Earth, and by 1966 we had 5 beautiful daughters. I was rapidly becoming an alcoholic. Then God stepped in!! A new pastor came to our church (Richard Peik) and began teaching from the Bible and preached the gospel every time he got in the pulpit!

The same day that Pat was going to leave me, I trusted Christ as my Savior on the 19th of October! God did a complete change in me. I haven’t had a drink nor a desire to drink since then. Pat stayed! (I think she stayed just to see what I was going to do next!!) I lead Pat to the Lord on the 3rd of December. We then knew what real love was all about! Then the Lord gave us son!

Another amazing thing happened. God put this lippy one in the pulpit!! I served the Lord in Lake Delton in a little church that met in the town hall — Community Bible Church. Then the Lord led me to Markesan. (In the midst of all of this we took care of 19 foster children.) I served the Lord in Markesan Bible Church for 28 years and retired from that church two years ago!

Levi & Patricia Snyder with Family
Levi & Patricia Snyder with Family

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