Lemuel Jr. & Beverly Miller

Lemuel Jr. & Beverly Miller

What might the chances be that a girl and guy both in the 8th grade going to two different schools in rural WI would meet, fall in love and remain married for almost 70 years? It must have been a “God Thing”.

Beverly was attending the 8th grade at the Lloyd Country School, when she learned of a special “Play Day” that would bring all the neighboring rural schools together. The Ithaca Rural School just happened to be one that would also be attending this event.
That is where she met Lemuel Jr. That one meeting was the only time they would see each other until the next fall which was their Freshman year at Ithaca High School in Wisconsin.

Junior and Bev dated a few times that year but with the family chores, Basketball, Baseball, a little Boxing and FFA, Bev and Junior wouldn’t start dating again until their Senior year in 1954.

They would then marry on October 23rd of that same year. There they began an almost 50 year adventure in dairy farming.
Side by side, the couple would work with the milking of cows and raising the crops. Yet, there was time for singing in the church choir, women’s groups, and helping in the kitchen with the church’s fundraisers.

It wasn’t too long before Bev’s Sunday School teachings would include their four children, Steve, Mark, Vicky and Paul. Those lessons learned, helped their children to grow to be responsible successful individuals. In 1997 the diary farm was sold. It was time they thought to “retire” and build their dream home on the spot known as the “Other Place”. Beef cattle would soon, though, become a new part of their life with their grandson helping.

You could meet Bev and Junior at the same school they attended, watching their 10 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren participate in some kind of sporting event. These days you can see Junior driving his truck up and down the roads checking on the cattle or Bev riding her lawn mower. There is always time to stop by a neighbor’s house for a chat.

Junior and Bev truly live the American Way, GOD, FAMILY, AND A WORK ETHIC. For us as a younger married couple we have been blessed to see and experience their example. Bev tells me it is only by God’s grace that they are still together.

Marriage Advice: Make sure God is in your marriage.

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