Elmer & Edna Georgeson
Elmer & Edna Georgeson 1947

Elmer & Edna Georgeson

On October 18, 1947, a tiny Baptist church in rural central Wisconsin was dedicated. The church building had been constructed by the people of the congregation, using stone quarried and timber sawed from the farms of the members. The construction had been completed only a week earlier, just in time for the wedding on October 12, 1947, of two young charter members, Edna Frei and Elmer Georgeson. That church was built with the Lord as its foundation, and so was the marriage of Edna and Elmer. For nearly 75 years, both have remained faithful.

Edna and Elmer were from farm families, raised about 5 miles across the river from each other. They met at the little chapel located midway between their farms just about the time they were both graduating from high school. The romance blossomed, and although Edna went away to attend Bible College, after only one year she returned home to marry Elmer, the love of her life.

Together, Elmer and Edna have served in that little church for nearly 75 years. Elmer helped with the construction of that building, was at times a deacon, a trustee, a song leader, and a choir member. Edna taught Sunday School, Junior Church, sang in the choir, served in Ladies Aide, and started a Good News Club in the local grade school which still flourishes today.

This couple raised 4 children, two born in Wisconsin and two born in the years they lived in Oregon while Elmer worked in the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest. Eventually, they returned to Wisconsin where Edna worked the family farm and Elmer and his father-in-law operated a custom sawmill.

Today Elmer and Edna continue to live in their own home with frequent visits by their children. They also see their three remaining children each Sunday where they faithfully attend that little church where their children now serve the Lord.

Marriage Advice: Put the Lord first. Don’t go to bed mad.

Elmer & Edna Georgeson Currently
Elmer & Edna Georgeson Currently

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