Donald & Alice Roth
Donald & Alice Roth 1953

Donald & Alice Roth

My first glimpse of my wife was in the beginning of my sophomore English class of a single day. I remember this so clearly as I thought I must get myself a date with that girl. However, that didn’t occur until my senior year when a close friend arranged a blind (and first) date for me. It turned out my blind date was Alice, the girl I first saw in that English class. This was a school of over 2,000 students in only 3 grades — it was easy to get lost in that number of kids, but somehow Alice and I still found each other.

After graduation, we were engaged when Uncle Sam came knocking on my door. Luckily, Alice married me and shortly after I finished my schooling as an Electronic Device Repairman it was off to Korea to fight in the war. I made a commitment to my wife and myself to be free of any disloyalty — which has been my way of life since.

We have been married since April 4th, 1953 — 69 years! In those years we have had 6 children, 11 grandchildren and currently have 14 great-grandchildren. My wife is my best friend and partner, after all of these years, I still look at her the same (pictured below) as the day I first saw her in English class.

Marriage Advice: The best piece of marriage advice I can give is that it is you and your spouse against the world. Stay loyal, stand together, and share your goals with one another.

“That word joined is the same term that is used with two animals pulling a cart. It is their unity of strength that allows the cart to move down the road of life with success and satisfaction.” -Matthew 19:4-6

Donald & Alice Roth Currently
Donald & Alice Roth Currently

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