Bill & Barbara Lincoln
Bill & Barbara Lincoln 1953

Bill & Barbara Lincoln

Bill and Barbara Lincoln live in Watertown, WI, and celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary last December. They have four daughters, and nothing brings them greater joy than spending time with them and their extended family of sons-in-law, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Bill and Barbara grew up in Detroit, MI, where their childhood homes were just a few streets apart. They went to the same schools, and most importantly, were part of the same youth group. Their home church was a major influence in their lives, and they loved spending time with friends from their church.

Bill and Barbara were married December 29, 1953, and they immediately moved to South Carolina so Bill could finish his graduate studies at Bob Jones University in preparation for the ministry. They often share funny stories from those first couple years of living on “Honeymoon Hall” in the university dormitory. For the next sixty years, God graciously opened doors of ministry to several church families in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Marriage Advice: Bill conducted several marriage ceremonies over the years, and his favorite advice to the young couples was, “Just remember, it’s not the down payment, it’s the upkeep!”


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