One word describes the past year-and-a-half:  whiplash.

It feels like all of the progress we’ve made in Making America Great Again not only came to a screeching halt but was thrown into reverse at warp speed—causing whiplash!

As we look around and see the silent majority not so silent anymore, but digging in and pushing back against evil, we are filled  with great hope. We  don’t pretend to have a single inkling where that proverbial “tipping point” is, but we do see the line in the sand with a  lot of people standing firmly on it.

Looking at the whole picture can be very overwhelming;  so let’s break it down into manageable pieces starting with Going Local: Making Communities Great Again.

The power of local government in our daily lives is not a new phenomenon, but it became overwhelming quickly. The agenda of the liberal left has infiltrated us at all levels: federal, state, local and even in private business. This didn’t happen overnight, and it will require playing the long-game to recover.

Be encouraged! The liberal left does not represent the majority. It’s time we step up and Make Our Communities Great Again!  Everyone has a role to play, using their God-given talent.

Please join us in creating a movement of Christian voices to bring back common sense and morality at the local level.  In our Going Local: Making Communities Great Again we will provide insight and strategy to effectively counter the extreme and absurd policies such as Critical Race Theory, transgender policies that negatively impact our children, and unconstitutional mandates that violate our basic freedoms.

Each session will cover topics such as

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