Funding Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s Business Plan

Funding Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s Business Plan

2015 | Week of September 7 – #1114

From promoting promiscuity among our young people, to not reporting illegal underage sexual activity, to recommending women abort their babies to performing those abortions and now selling the body parts of the babies it aborts, Planned Parenthood is profiting from the destruction of dreams, futures and lives—real human lives. Why should taxpayer money support this business plan?

In the wake of the recent videos exposing the grisly truth that Planned Parenthood traffics in the body parts of the babies it aborts, State Rep. Andre Jacque introduced two bills that will go a long ways to stopping our tax dollars from funding this organization.

Assembly Bill 310 authorizes the state of Wisconsin to seek a grant for Title X federal funds. Title X monies are earmarked for so-called “family-planning services” and “related preventive health services for low-income men and women.”[1]

In Wisconsin, one and only one entity has for 35 years applied for and received the funds annually–Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. It’s a significant amount of money—recently $3.5 million each year.

Rep. Jacque’s bill would require that the state Department of Health Services apply for the money and, presuming it gets it, then distribute the funds to programs such as Wisconsin Well-Woman program, as well as other public health agencies such as county health services and other federally qualified health centers and rural health centers. The funds would, of course, have to be expended in keeping with the program’s requirements and purposes. Rep. Jacque’s bill would, as currently drafted, would prohibit Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin from receiving any of that money.

The Democrats on the Assembly Health Committee where a hearing was held on this bill last week repeatedly and vociferously claimed that the 22 Planned Parenthood centers in Wisconsin were the only ones equipped to meet the family-planning and related preventive health services of Wisconsin’s low-income citizens. Never mind that in Wisconsin we have nearly 8 federally qualified heath centers or rural health centers for every one Planned Parenthood facility.

Actually of the 22 Planned Parenthood facilities, 3 are abortion centers, leaving just 19 for other services.  In addition, these 22 centers are not dispersed throughout the state. Planned Parenthood has its facilities primarily in the state’s high-population areas. Meanwhile, the 162 other qualified health centers in Wisconsin that could potentially get the Title X money and offer these services are spread all over the state.  To those supporting this bill, it’s abundantly clear that access is expanded not restricted.

The second bill, Assembly Bill 311, is primarily about financial stewardship. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is part of a Medicaid program that allows them to purchase drugs at greatly reduced prices and then get reimbursed from the state for the cost and a “reasonable dispensing fee.” Recent audits show that for years Planned Parenthood has been billing the state for the highest allowable reimbursement rate rather than the actual price they pay, thereby padding their own profits and pockets, on the backs of the state and therefore the taxpayers.

Rep. Jacque’s bill would require family-planning organizations that are part of this program to bill the state for the actual price they pay for the drugs plus the reasonable dispensing fee.  Those opposing the bill said in the hearing last week say Planned Parenthood had authorization to charge the state the highest rate, that the bill unfairly targets the family-planning organizations, and that making this change would affect the access low-income people have to family-planning and related preventive health care in Wisconsin. I don’t agree with any of those arguments, and the only way I see the access argument making any sense is if it reduces Planned Parenthood’s bottom line, which has been largely increased by this serious overbilling.

According to state records, these two bills would remove about $7.5 million of taxpayer money each year from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. So you be the judge. Should Planned Parenthood get this money? However you answer that question, now’s the time to contact your state legislators and let them know your opinion. We have a great opportunity to make a real difference in whether or not our tax dollars fund Planned Parenthood’s business plan. Make a call or send an email…today.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”



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