Children: A Gift from God

Children: A Gift from God

2020 | Week of January 6 | Radio Transcript #1341

My church had one of my favorite services this past Sunday. After an excellent sermon on the Father’s love for us as shown in John 3:16, Pastor Bob Loggans, Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown, conducted our annual Parent Dedication.

Each year, usually the first Sunday in January, we have this special time after the sermon in the morning service. I love it! Since we had nine babies born in our church this year, the front was filled with dads, moms and babes in arms.  As the parents and babies are introduced, a picture of the baby is on the screen; and Pastor reads a brief statement about when the child was born, who his or her parents are, mentions any siblings and then shares a verse that the parents have chosen for the child, as well as stating what the parents hope for this gift from God.

Pastor then gives these parents and all parents a brief challenge. This year, once again, he used an acrostic I think is worth sharing. Taking the word children, he challenged parents to first cherish their children–to tell them every day that you love them.  The “H” is to honor the Word of God with your child. Read it together, memorize it, discuss it, love it, obey it. For the “I,” Pastor Loggans used “individual”—remember that each child is unique. There are no cookie cutters in God’s creation. The “L” is for live the Truth of God before your child. Make God an every-day reality. Put faith to action; trust God in everything. Be sincere and without hypocrisy.

The “D” is discipline your child according to the Word of God. True love includes godly discipline with the intention of bringing about more godliness in the one being disciplined. That does not mean parents should ever abuse their children, whether physically, emotionally or in any other way. That is wrong and unbiblical. However, to not discipline children in appropriate ways is not real love.

The “R” is remember your child is a gift from God. Oh, how easy it is to forget in the hectic, challenging days of children growing up that this little person is a gift from God—given to parents to steward on behalf of God the Father.

And the “E” is for encourage your child—be his or her greatest cheerleader.  We’re not talking here about giving children a false self-image but about encouraging them when they try and helping them deal with failure and success. If a mom and dad aren’t cheering for their child, then who is?

Finally, the “N” is for never allow a day to pass without praying for and with your child. Nothing is more powerful in the shaping of a child than the prayer of a loving dad and mom. Don’t let prayer for your children be an afterthought. Make it a first thought and first action of the day.

After this challenge, Pastor prayed for the parents and the children—a prayer of dedication, beseeching God for wisdom for the parents and that their children might early-on come to saving faith in Christ and that our church would be a blessing and help to these families. With the prayer concluded, we were all invited to come shake the parents’ hands, congratulate them and assure them of our prayers.

As I watched these families with their children, I was so poignantly reminded of the importance of our work of strengthening, preserving and promoting what these moms and dads were so beautifully exemplifying…married men and women forming families according to God’s plan. I spoke to each one personally and thanked them and hopefully encouraged them.

Beyond that, yesterday was also a great example of how two of God’s three social institutions should work together. The local church is not more important than the family. But the church has a definite role in helping families grow strong in the Lord. It is altogether appropriate that our church take seriously our organizational role in being a blessing to and praying for these parents and their children—and that I as an individual church member do the same.

As I left church, I thought what an incredible first service in this new year—and in this month when we recognize the Sanctity of Human Life. I hope other churches in our state will do something similar this month. Indeed, children, both born and preborn are a gift from God, given to parents to raise for His glory.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”


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