Wisconsin Family Council is a state partner with The Family Prosperity Index, which is a project of national-level American Conservative Union Foundation. The Family Prosperity Index produces the Family Prosperity Index (FPI).  WFC believes the FPI is one of the most important resources available to assist lawmakers, leaders, and concerned citizens in initiating policies and practices that increase the well-being of Wisconsin’s best natural resource–her married dad-and-mom families.

2018 Family Prosperity Index Report – The Family Prosperity Index (FPI) provides federal, state, and local policymakers—as well as religious and civic leaders and community-minded citizens—with the road map needed for the development of economic and social policies that improve the well-being and prosperity of American families and the communities in which they live. The FPI is hierarchical in nature and consists of six major indexes—Economics, Demographics, Family Self-Sufficiency, Family Structure, Family Culture, and Family Health.


2016 Wisconsin Family Prosperity – The Wisconsin Family Prosperity Index (FPI) assesses the degree to which Wisconsin creates an environment for families to thrive. Specifically, the FPI comprehensively measures the economic and social factors that contribute to family prosperity, filling in the gaps around measures such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which only considers economic variables. 


FPI 2018 Wisconsin Migration Update – The June 2016 study, “Wisconsin Family Prosperity Index,” found that Wisconsin has a serious, and growing, out-migration problem. In particular, Wisconsin is losing its business and community leaders. This further saps the state’s entrepreneurial vitality as well as its share of successful, intact families.  The Wisconsin Migration Update is an examination of Wisconsin’s high rate of out-migration that offers a starting point for state policymakers, activists, civic leaders and private individuals and institutions to attack the root of the problem.