Wisconsin’s Spring nonpartisan election

Wisconsin’s Spring nonpartisan election

Tuesday, April fifth is election day

In less than a month, Wisconsin’s Spring nonpartisan election happens. Tuesday, April fifth is election day, but absentee ballots are available by mail already from clerks’ offices. On Tuesday, March twenty-second, early in-person voting will begin statewide. This election is all about local offices—mayors, alderpersons, town or village boards, county supervisors, county executives, school board members, and municipal, district and appellate judges. We urge everyone to visit myvote.wi.gov to get a sample ballot, find your polling place, and more.

With local redistricting, we are encouraging everyone to make sure of their polling place in advance of election day. We’re also urging anyone planning to vote by absentee ballot to try, if at all possible, to return the completed ballot in person to the clerk’s office rather than putting it in a drop box or in the mail. We think it’s just a safer way to go.

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