WI’s Leaked Abortion Decision

WI’s Leaked Abortion Decision

The leak indicates the Court will take up a case.

In what should be stunning news, but sadly isn’t, last week the media reported that a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision was leaked to a liberal media outlet, Wisconsin Watch. The leaked decision indicates that the court will take up a Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin case asking the court to find a right to abortion in the state constitution. The decision also indicates that the court will not allow pro-life groups Wisconsin Family Action, Pro-Life Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Right to Life to intervene in this case in defense of the right to life.

This leaked decision shows just how liberal this current court is. Our state constitution has a right to life in it, not a right to abortion and denying these pro-life groups the opportunity to intervene is raw judicial bias—bias against the pro-life position and those holding it.

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