WI’s Help Not Harm Bill Goes to the Governor

WI’s Help Not Harm Bill Goes to the Governor

The bill passed the senate & moves to Gov. Evers.

Earlier this week, the state senate passed a bill, the Help Not Harm bill, that prohibits healthcare providers from performing surgeries on or prescribing cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers for minors struggling with gender confusion. The law would be enforced by the pertinent licensing board and if a provider is found in violation of the law, his or her license would be revoked. The bill passed along party lines, just as it did in the assembly last week.

This bill now goes to Governor Evers, who through both his campaigns spoke about doing right by, as he calls them, “kids.” This bill does right by kids. Children struggling with their gender need real help, not procedures and drugs that harm them. Hopefully the governor will truly do right by kids and sign the bill.

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