WILL Petitions SCOTUS to Take Parental Rights Case

WILL Petitions SCOTUS to Take Parental Rights Case

The case involves the Eau Claire school district.

Last week Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty petitioned the US Supreme Court to take a case that both a federal district court and the seventh circuit court of appeals had dismissed. The case involves the Eau Claire School district’s policy that requires school personnel to keep from parents information about their child’s gender identity confusion expressed at school. The lower courts basically dismissed the case because, in their opinions, the children represented by the parent plaintiffs had not been directly harmed by the policy.

Thank goodness for WILL bulldogging this egregious situation. Parents should not have to wait for their children to be harmed by a dangerous school policy to have standing to sue the district. In addition, as WILL points out, parents are harmed by having such information withheld from them. The US Supreme Court needs to take this case before more children are harmed.

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