WI Supreme Court Upholds Adoption Law

WI Supreme Court Upholds Adoption Law

The law touches on marriage & adoption.

Tuesday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court unanimously upheld a state law that forbids an individual who is not married to a child’s biological parent from adopting the child. However, in a concurring opinion, Justice Jill Karofsky gave her opinion of marriage, saying, that we have a, quote, “outdated set of values positioning marriage as the moral center of family and society” and that “The notion that marriage serves as the foundation of society is at best outdated, and at worst misogynistic.”

Justice Karofsky is wrong. She argues that children thrive as long as they are with people who love them, married or not.  Research proves her wrong, showing time and again that what is in the best interest of children is to be brought up in the home of their married dad and mom. Marriage isn’t outdated nor misogynistic, but it is suffering from the likes of this justice.

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