WI Supreme Court Spring Primary

WI Supreme Court Spring Primary

3 weeks from today is the spring primary election.

Three weeks from today is the spring primary election. The only statewide race is for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This is a ten-year term, and at stake is the balance of the court, which currently leans conservative. Four candidates are running; two have been described as “left of center,” Everett Mitchell and Janet Protasiewicz, and two as “right of center,” Jennifer Dorow and Dan Kelly. Some municipalities may have primaries for local races. Visit myvote.wi.gov to see a sample ballot and get information on absentee voting.

The supreme court race is critically important. The top two vote-getters will advance to the April fourth general election. We encourage voters to learn about the four candidates—find out their judicial philosophy, who has endorsed them, and their legal experience. Get informed so you can vote knowledgeably and responsibly for the candidate who best matches your values.

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