WI Spring Nonpartisan Primary Election 2024

WI Spring Nonpartisan Primary Election 2024

The primary election will be February 20th.

This is a busy election year for Wisconsin. On Tuesday, February twentieth, we have our spring nonpartisan primary election. While there is no statewide state-level race this year, we will have school board, city council, mayoral, town and village board elections and more on ballots. Most citizens will not have a primary election, but some will. Visit myvote.wi.gov to see a sample ballot to ensure you know whether you have a primary election on February twentieth. The spring general election is Tuesday, April second.

The February primary election sets the ballots for the April general election. Primaries are super important. Be sure to check to see if you have one. In April we will also have a presidential preference primary for both Republicans and Democrats since the state Supreme Court has allowed Democrat Dean Philips on the ballot along with Joe Biden.

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