WI Pharmacists to Prescribe Contraceptives Passes Assembly

WI Pharmacists to Prescribe Contraceptives Passes Assembly

The bill passed the Assembly last week.

Last week the state Assembly passed a bill that allows pharmacists to prescribe contraception. The bill was authored by and supported by the majority of Republicans and all the Democrats. Only eleven Republicans voted against the bill. If this bill becomes law, contraception will be the only drug Wisconsin pharmacists can prescribe. Meanwhile, the Democrats have introduced a will that would establish an individual’s statutory right to access and a health care provider’s right to provide contraceptives.

Clearly both Republicans and Democrats in our state believe access to contraception is a right, regardless of one’s marital status. Wholesale access to contraception encourages promiscuity by removing some of the risk of pregnancy. Families and churches need to step up and talk openly and accurately about this issue with teens and young adults.


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