WI Parents’ Bill of Rights Moves Out of Committee

WI Parents’ Bill of Rights Moves Out of Committee

The bill enumerates 16 rights of parents.

Earlier this week, an Assembly committee voted in favor of a Parents’ Bill of Rights proposal.  Assembly Bill 510 enumerates 16 rights parents have related to their children, including the right to determine which pronouns a school uses when referencing their child and the right to determine the religion of the child. Importantly, the bill also recognizes that parents have other inalienable rights that aren’t enumerated. The bill is now ready for a vote in the full Assembly. The senate has not taken any action on the bill.

10 or 15 years ago, everyone would have been appalled that such a bill was introduced; today, however, such a bill is necessary to make it clear that parents have rights when it comes to their children. A similar bill was passed last session, but Governor Evers vetoed it. Hopefully, he’ll view this important issue differently this time.

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