WI Male Student Sues School Over Access to the Girls Bathroom

WI Male Student Sues School Over Access to the Girls Bathroom

The Elkhorn Area School District faces the lawsuit

A seventh-grade biological male student who "identifies" as a girl has filed a lawsuit in federal court against his Wisconsin school district, claiming he was prohibited from accessing the girls' restroom. The lawsuit alleges that the Elkhorn Area School District has breached Title Nine’s supposed prohibition against sex-based discrimination in schools, as well as the Fourteenth Amendment, according to the thirteen-year-old plaintiff.

This is a clear distortion of Title Nine and the Fourteenth Amendment's original intentions. Title Nine was enacted to ensure equal opportunities, not to impose a radical redefinition of sex. This case underscores the urgent need for common-sense policies that respect biological realities and safeguard the fundamental rights and privacy of the majority.

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