WI Judge Rules Aspects of Act X Unconstitutional

WI Judge Rules Aspects of Act X Unconstitutional

This case will eventually go to WI Supreme Court.

Wisconsin courts have been busy. Last week, a Dane County judge ruled that various aspects of Act ten are unconstitutional. Act ten brought weeks of protests in early twenty eleven, shortly after then-Governor Scott Walker was inaugurated and signed the bill into law. The law has saved Wisconsin and its taxpayers untold millions of dollars. This case will eventually go to the now-liberal state supreme court, which last week, overrode the then-conservative court’s twenty twenty-two decision and decided that ballot drop boxes away from clerks’ offices are legal.

These decisions remind us that all judges at every level in Wisconsin are elected. Next spring we have a statewide election for an open seat on our state supreme court—an election that could flip the high court from liberal to conservative. It’s not too early for voters to pay attention to this race. Every election matters.

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