WI Abortion Ban Update

WI Abortion Ban Update

WI filed motion to speed up abortion ban decision.

On Monday Attorney General Josh Kaul filed a motion to speed up a decision in his challenge against Wisconsin's pre-Roe abortion ban. The case, which is now before Dane County Circuit Judge Diane Schlipper, is expected to reach the state's high court. Kaul's latest motion asks Schlipper to declare, without further oral arguments, that the law is unenforceable as applied to abortion. Earlier Schlipper ruled the law applied to what she called “feticide” not abortion and determined the case should continue and not be dismissed as defendants had asked.

This is another attempt to take advantage of the new liberal majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. If the Dane County Judge agrees to speed the case up, then it will likely move more quickly to the high court. Meanwhile, every day the ban is in effect, babies are saved and women are spared the trauma of abortion.

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