What Message Will Win?

Economy, crime, parental rights or abortion?

2022 | Week of October 24 | Radio Transcript #1487

“It’s the economy, stupid.” That’s the statement coined by Democrat strategist James Carville back in the 1992 presidential campaign when Bill Clinton bested George H.W. Bush as the incumbent.  Given the current economic situation, one would think this statement would have great traction during this election cycle. But Democrats have a different mantra for this midterm election. “It’s abortion, stupid,” appears to be their mantra.

Incumbent gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers and US Senate candidate Mandela Barnes, both Democrats, have certainly embraced that idea. And President Joe Biden in a recent speech to the Democrat National Committee and their major donors pledged that codifying abortion in federal law would be the first thing he would do if the Democrats hold the majority in the House and gain a clear majority in the US Senate.

Emboldened by the president and their highly paid consultants, Evers and Barnes, in ad after ad from their campaigns, as well as those from third-parties supporting these candidates, the central, unmistakable, tragic message is the so-called “right” to kill an unborn baby. The ads blatantly characterize the life-taking procedure of abortion as health care, while exploiting victims of rape and parents of babies with fetal deformities.

The liberals are banking on some kind of internal calculus that says people are more interested in legalizing the killing Wisconsin’s future than in getting and keeping people employed, curtailing crime in our communities, and respecting the rights of parents in the education of their children. That’s an incredible calculation in and of itself, but it is also glaringly counterproductive just from the demographic’s perspective.

Since 1974, over 560,000 Wisconsin babies have been aborted.[1] So for some perspective, that’s the combined current populations of Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, and Racine. Overestimating the consequences of killing over a half million unborn children is impossible.

At a time where “help needed” and “hiring” signs span the entire state and the vast majority of school districts are suffering from reduced enrollments, encouraging the purposeful killing of yet another generation of Wisconsin’s future should be unthinkable. But liberals don’t want to talk about the reality. You’ll never hear them talk about how many counties in Wisconsin right now are experiencing a demographic winter—a time when more people in a given locale are dying than are being born in any given year.

The reality is Wisconsin has been below replacement birth rate since 1974. Replacement birth rate is, on average, 2.1 babies from each woman during her child-bearing years. We’ve been around 1.9 or even lower over the last yearly 50 years. That reality is a major reason we lost a congressional seat in 2000 and could have lost one in 2020. What saved us that year is immigration; natural growth from women bearing children didn’t. Of course, part of this reality is contraception. In a sense, some of our future has been “contracepted” out of existence.

Compounding the demographic problem even more is that for much of the last decade we’ve had more people moving out of the state than we’ve had people moving into the state. And it’s not just the weather that is luring people to other places such as Florida and Texas. These states, and a couple of others, don’t have income taxes. That reality is a strong pull, especially for families with children. Realistically, once those children move with their families, the likelihood is very slim that they’ll come back to The Badger State for college or work.

Abortion, with its staggering loss of life—over a half-million future students, workers, taxpayers, leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, creative geniuses, and more—plays significantly into our state’s current and continuing economic and employment plight.  Running candidates and campaigns focused on doing away with more citizens makes no sense—unless you simply don’t care about that reality and are willing to use whatever wedge issue you think will work to gain political power.

When the votes are counted after the polls close on Tuesday, November 8, we will know whether the liberals’ calculation was accurate. Are Wisconsin voters willing to set aside their concerns about inflation, crime, and parental rights to vote for candidates who promise a continued assault on thousands more of Wisconsin’s unborn children by repealing the current ban on most abortions and removing restrictions and regulations on abortion, ushering in abortion-on-demand in our state?

“We the people” will ultimately determine whether “it’s the economy, crime and parental rights” or “it’s abortion” that winds up being the winning election mantra.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”



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