What is a Woman?

What is a Woman?

During the confirmation hearing for president Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Senator Marsha Blackburn asked Ketanji Brown Jackson to define what a woman is. Jackson replied, “I can’t.” To Blackburn’s response of “You can’t?”, Jackson said, “I can’t. Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.” When asked by another senator, “When does life begin, in your opinion?”: The nominee answered, “Senator, I don’t know. I have personal religious and otherwise beliefs that have nothing to do with the law, in terms of when life begins.”

At a time when we have biological males winning championships on women’s swim teams, it seems to me we need justices who know what a woman is. Ironically, apparently Joe Biden misled America because he promised he would nominate a woman of color. If this judge can’t define woman, how does she think she meets Biden’s nominating criteria?

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