Waukesha School Stays Consistent With Biological Sex

Waukesha School Stays Consistent With Biological Sex

School Stays Consistent With Biological Sex

Every once in a while a school board in Wisconsin exhibits extraordinary courage and does the right thing for both parents and students. Last Wednesday the Waukesha School board unanimously approved a policy that prohibits staff from referring to students by any name or pronoun other than the one consistent with the student's biological sex without written permission from their parents. The resolution also says students must use the bathroom and locker room facilities and participate in sports consistent with the students' biological sex.

Congratulations to the Waukesha School board. I hope what they did infuses courage into other school boards across the state. These policies are not illegal; they are common sense and protect parents’ rights and protect students. This spring hundreds of school board candidates will be on the ballot; wise voters will carefully vet these candidates, looking for those who will also be courageous.

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