US Circuit Court Upholds Bathroom Policy

US Circuit Court Upholds Bathroom Policy

US Circuit Court Upholds FL School Bathroom Policy

The eleventh US Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a Florida school district's policy that prevented a trans-identified student from using bathrooms based on gender identity rather than biological sex. The court ruled that the St. Johns County School Board's bathroom policy does not discriminate against trans-identified students or violate federal civil rights law. The school board asserts its bathroom policy addresses concerns about students' privacy, safety and welfare and provides for sex-neutral bathroom accommodations for transgender students.

This court ruling should encourage Wisconsin school districts to stop saying federal law requires them to allow boys identifying as girls to use the girls’ restrooms and vice versa. Restroom policies based on biological sex are about the privacy and safety of all students. That’s what schools should be concerned with; not with giving certain groups special rights

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