TX Bans Transgender Hormones/Surgeries for Minors

TX Bans Transgender Hormones/Surgeries for Minors

TX Supreme Court upholds the ban.

Lifesite news reports that the Texas Supreme Court has allowed the state’s ban on transgender hormones and surgeries for minors to take effect, making Texas the largest state in the U.S. to outlaw the dangerous interventions. Last Thursday the court rejected an emergency motion filed by LGBTQ plus activist groups to stop the law from going into effect as scheduled on September first. This means the ban will remain in effect while the lawsuit continues in the courts.

As more research comes out and as more individuals who as minors were subjected to these hormones and surgeries begin speaking up about the horrors of what has happened to them, more of the American public are realizing these drugs and procedures do real harm; they don’t help youth struggling with gender identity. Bravo to the Texas Supreme Court for putting the brakes on

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