Transgender Sues for Malpractice Over Surgeries as a Minor

Transgender Sues for Malpractice Over Surgeries as a Minor

Malpractice lawsuits will become more popular.

A woman who underwent transgender treatments as a minor but later detransitioned has filed a lawsuit in a North Carolina court, suing her former doctors for malpractice, claiming they misdiagnosed her condition and encouraged her to undergo life-altering treatments when she was neither mentally nor emotionally capable of giving consent. The woman asserts that "no amount of money can undo the damage" she has suffered but that she hopes to "deter these defendants and others like them from similar misconduct in the future."

We’ll likely see more of these lawsuits as more people recognize how duped they were as a youth dealing with gender confusion and as more information comes out about the irreversible effects of the drugs and surgeries. These aren’t treatments, and they aren’t healthcare. Medical professionals must be held accountable for how they present these options to minors.

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