Trail Life USA, a Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts

Trail Life USA, a Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts

Trail Life USA just celebrated its 1,000th troop!

Trail Life USA, a scouting organization founded in twenty fourteen as a conservative Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts recently celebrated its one thousandth Troop. Trail Life C-E-O Mark Hancock told Christian Post he was “humbled by the response of churches and families across the country who are communicating their excitement for the vision and mission of Trail Life USA by starting and joining Troops.” “Every new Troop, he said, “means boys are being impacted by our Christ-centered, boy-focused approach to building godly men.”

Congratulations to Trail Life USA! I’ve spoken to some parents recently who told me about troops be organized here in Wisconsin. They were so excited about the opportunities their sons were going to have as a troop member.  Parents interested in this unique scouting opportunity for boys should check out

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