Tomorrow is Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day in Wisconsin. By the end of the day, we will know more about what our state’s communities will look like—one of the consequences of this election. Will they be places where parents’ rights are respected,  and where local officials respect religious freedom and the limits of their authority? Will our communities be truly good places where families thrive? All of this and more is on the ballot tomorrow as candidates with distinct values and worldviews are voted for. We will all live with the consequences of these local elections.

We simply urge everyone to exercise their duty and right to cast their vote in these important local elections. If you haven’t already voted and aren’t sure what’s on your ballot, visit my vote dot wi dot g-o-v to see a sample ballot, your polling place and more. Let’s take seriously our opportunity to have a say in the consequences of this election.

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