The World’s Shrinking Birth Rate

The World’s Shrinking Birth Rate

All around the world the birth rate is shrinking.

Vox online reports that in the US, the birth rate has dropped almost twenty-three percent in the last fifteen years. Today, the average American woman has about one point six children, down from three in nineteen fifty, and significantly below the “replacement rate” of two point one children needed to sustain a stable population. In Italy, twelve people now die for every seven babies born. In South Korea, the birth rate is down to less than one child per woman.

Henry Kissinger died last week. He strongly advocated for policies to drastically reduce fertility rates. Apparently, he was successful. Even countries like China are experiencing a shrinking population. Nations are desperate to reverse the trend because they understand the long-term impact of people not having children. God’s way is for married couples to be fruitful and multiply.

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